Wednesday, September 1, 2010

and I went back to a nostalgist mind

I had been thinking about going back to the town I went to high school in for a while now. Probally as a result of finding so many friends from high school on 'FB'. I had made a quick trip through Safford once in the early nineties but the real purpose that time was a camping trip on Mt. Graham. I had passed quickly and just had time to simply go down Main Street then it was out of town and back on the road.

I will admit that I took advantage of my mother being in Villa Capana convalescing from her fall; I packed some formula, my camera and down I-10 east bound I found myself. This is the first of several post regarding my trip and some of my thoughts along the road.

It had been so long that I had been out of town on anything other that medical related trips. Let me tell you; trips to Scottsdale and the Mayo Clinic for procedures, test and operations is just no vacation. Any way, packed and on the rode before the earth rotated and gave view of the morning sun, I was excitedly driving down the road for nothing more that the pleasure of doing so.

Pardon my proclamation of faith; but no where is there a louder statement of Gods presence than in the 'rising' of the sun!

Going east from Tucson, one flies by Benson and comes to a wonderful rock outcropping along the road called Texas Canyon. I remembered trips from my youth, way back in the 60's in the truck sitting next to my father moving to Tucson. We stopped here and dad told me the next stop would be Tucson.

I also recall a stop there the day Apollo 11 landed on the moon. I was in such a hurry to get into Tucson, so I could see the moon walk. (We did in fact make it in to and I watched Neil Armstrong's first steps while I was in a pool. But that's another story.)

No matter going East or West, there is something reassuring about those rocks along the road.

I get such a kick out of this sign; nothing says Welcome to Arizona like this reminder:

Well, a stretch of the legs and a quick downing of a can of vanilla, time to hit the road and head to our next stop.......... THE THING!

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Sarah said...

Wish I could have been there with you! Can of vanilla and all :D I miss those sunsets and rises there truly is nothing like it in this world!