Sunday, September 5, 2010

Coffee on Main Street

To be honest, while I lived there, I never really appreciated the rich history of the city of Safford. All the locals were always saying how special the town was. Not that it is a ‘vortex’ sight like Sedona, but just a pure oh spit of a town that oozes Americana like a Norman Rockwell painting blown up into a life size ‘sandbox’ for those who live there to enjoy.

I did not take the time to go to every place of interest, I may at some later date, but I simply took the time to enjoy my surroundings and, have a lazy sunny morning cup of coffee and watch a little bit of time float by my eyes and ears and nose and my tongue. Coffee is really about the only thing I can enjoy in public, food wise, and enjoy it I did.

I hope you enjoy this slice of the Arizona South West that while it has changes, still hangs on to the past as a coat of many colors.


Just one of the many old homes that I would sometimes pass. The town is full of them.


This is what $44,606.41 would buy you in 1916. The Graham County Courthouse is a neo-colonial brick building with Tuscan columns.


Yes, that’s one of the many street lights you will see all along Main Street. They are beautiful when lit; to be honest, I am unsure if they work today, but I recall them as being just amazing on a cool winters evening back in the day when the city still celebrated the birth of Christ.


Yes, It is Main St.




There it is. On the West end looking East.


See, all those lights. All along the street.


That’s the Safford City Hall. Built in 1898 at a cost of $5,400.00, it was the original High School. No, not the one I went too. It was remodeled in the 40’s and became the City Hall after Safford was incorporated in 1901.


I told you I was up and on the road early. 8:23AM and I am downtown already and looking for a cup of coffee, my thermos was dry already.


Are you kidding me? A town square with a town clock. Man, I so miss the pace of this little spot on earth.


The North side.




From the East end looking back to the West. That’s the Court House at the end in the distance.


Where I learned to love salsa!




While Pollock’s is not on main street, but is on the Hwy., I wanted to take a picture of it as it is often mentioned amongst my FB friends from high school.


and………  one more stop today. I went to Thatcher to see if my old church was still there. It was an old store front church that was originally a hardware store. No luck; it was long gone, however I did go by what it became and I believe the old members would be fairly proud of what occurred over the years.



Well, there is your trip down Main Street. I know it’s not a colorful as Main Street USA in Disneyland; but in another way… it may, just may be better in certain ways.

{a trip up the mountain tomorrow}

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