Friday, September 3, 2010

down the road and into town

It takes a while to make your way up to Safford. I was surprised by the road construction and improvements to the road which use to be Hwy. 666; no fooling, we called it the 'Godless Way' when I was growing up there.

What use to be a drive up, down and over rolling hills, is now a super smooth and flat modern road into town. A lot safer but has lost (like much of America's roadways) its character.

Town comes into view!

First stop literally, as you come into town from the south was my two old residences. The old trailer was gone and the duplex where I helped Mr. Trajo pour a sidewalk were nowhere to be seen. The first sign of many changes to come this day.
However, I did fine the old dirt road which was next to where we lived. This is the dirt road I would run on as, believe it or not, I was a jock and ran to stay in shape. Many mornings and evenings alone, up and down this dirt road.

Somewhere on the left side of road was a huge old tree. Sad to see it is now gone.

This picture is merely a memory. As I ran all those times, there was a house on the hill. I would often look up there and think about where I would someday live. Well, it was in no home like it was, but I dreamed. That house is still up there on the hill.

The year was 1970, I was new to the town and in the 10th grade. No car yet. That meant you rode the bus until you felt comfortable enough to walk with a as yet unmade friend and you rode the bus. It was here, that I would stand and wait. Usually with a book in hand. I remember a few Doc Savages and Hubert's DUNE and indeed, a mostly unknown Phillip K. Dick and his Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, were partially read right here along this stretch of the 'Godless Hwy'. So long ago, and thankfully, I soon made friends and eventually got a car.

Yes, the water ditch was there along side a field. That sign is new. There are some memories right there. Cool mornings waiting for that stupid bus.

After that school year, Dad moved into Tucson but that did not pan out and we moved back to Safford for my Junior and Senior years of High School. This is the apartments we lived in. The last unit on the right. Really exciting right. I knew no better, all my life I have lived in either trailers or apartments. The first home I ever lived in was as an adult and was married. However, for 1972 and 1973; this was home sweet home.

You have to love the trash can and old stove on the roadside action here. Sorry, couldn't resist.

OK, come back tomorrow if interested.

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