Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Update delivered to my Support Group last night.


I was thrilled to have Mindy read this to the group last night:

Hello Everyone,

I wish to tell everyone how happy I am to be here. I am blessed to be in your presence and I get so much love and encouragement from all of you.

I am OK for the most part. I get older each day and I count that as a gift from God.

I wish to let you all now that I have been so frustrated lately, frustrated to the point of tears. Insurance and Insurance Companies had become the Antichrist to me. I had become angry and worst, I was unashamed to let the world know it. Just as I was about to cave in, the other night, I got on my knees and just gave it all up to my God. Well, guess what? He took it! The next day, one of the last irritants (read as a deigned claim) was worked out. The next day, the new fangled insurance do-hickey of a company sent me a letter stating that my Pet Scan was approved. Now, it's not a perfect world, however, it is now better, thanks to the blessings which I choose to give credit to all of you and to my personal relationship with God. Thank you all for the good thoughts and the prayers. I still expect aggravation but I have found a solution; I have decided to accept Insurance Companies for what they are.... and I offer these sage words of wisdom which are not my own:

Do not try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.

Mom is doing better but will be in Villa Campana for another week or so. I would be lying to say I have not taken advantage of her being in the care of others. I have gotten so much done, but you know what; even though I see her every single day, I miss her so much.

I must say that all of us; you, me; all of us are important. You matter; we matter. Wake up every day and give thanks. Lord knows I do.

Thank you all for being my friends and I love you all so much.


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I feel you pain. What a nightmare. Thank goodness things are starting to get a little bit easier for you.