Monday, September 6, 2010

Lunch on a Sky Island

Finally, I know some of you are saying; this series of post come to an end and indeed it does.

It was time to leave and head home, however, I was getting hungry and was thinking, well, I can’t eat at one of the wonderful restaurants to be found along the Salsa Trail, so where?

Of course, it was right in front of me. Why not at say … oh 6000 feet or higher. I really did not want to go to the top of Mt. Graham, but lunch about half way up or so sounded just wonderful.


Stop at the old sign.




Running waters allow for a moment to pause and give thanks to God for life, food, my children and grandchildren.



What a wonderful view to have a can of vanilla. While breaking of bread is not the same for me as it is for you, it is still a moment to just pause and look around at the world. To renew the body and have strength to go forward.


Time to head down and go home.


I want to leave you with this sight. A very common sight in this part of the world. Not exciting but somehow pertinent and spiritual to me none the less. I have for years carried a picture of my day taken in a place much like this. He always said that these little yellow flowers were a gift. I understand now, they are right there, almost every day. They are there to be a gift to our eyes.



Time to say goodbye. And so I did.


Thank you for taking the trip with me. I had fun and I was moved.

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