Thursday, April 23, 2009

beloved by most; accursed by the ear

to continue in fantasyland, today we make our way to it’s a small world. put your ear plugs in now as that song will be with you the remainder of the day.

originally built for the 64’ worlds fair, this attraction MAY Just be the most beloved attraction in the park.

here we see the entry motif clock.


believe it or not, the track (waterway) is officially referred to as the seven seaways.


and an interior shot (referenced ~ latin america)


and now the controversy:

this attraction just recently reopened after a long refurbishment and ride rehab. god love mary blair, the internet went into a crazy ‘civil war’ over the changes made to the ride. “THEY” updated and added several references to disney characters and films. i as a purest ride the fence here because walt himself often changed and updated attractions calling it “plus-ing”. i also am in favor of an updated ‘star tours (2)’ if you will. you can find both sides of this argument well represented on the web. just a few weeks ago, my daughter and i were in discussion on this very subject. for the purest in all of you, here are some pictures of walt taken on opening day for iasm from my collection:





one of the cool things long filtered away is that on opening day, all the kids from various countries and regions around the world brought and poured into the waterway, water from the rivers, seas and oceans from their native countries.

i hope you enjoyed our look at iasw and tune in next time for a look at the mage’s favorite ride in the park.

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