Saturday, April 11, 2009

two very quick stops today..

first up we find ‘brer’  bear and ‘brer’ fox in new orleans square.


back before there was critter country, there was bear country. i always loved this far part of the park. i remember hanging out for as long as possible at closing time back there. i always hoped that i would some how be missed as the cast members did a sweep of the park, but it never happened.

there was (to me) a wonderful attraction that i wish to this day was still opened. the country bear jamboree. one of the ‘big’ stars of the show was big al singing blood on the saddle. just wonderful stuff.


there is the hungry bear restaurant over there as well, along the banks of the rivers of america. standard fast food fare but the view on the bottom floor next to the water is one of the more picturesque places in the park. don’t miss the opportunity to rest for a few moments, drink a cup of coffee and feed the ducks.

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