Wednesday, April 8, 2009

@ support group last night

I once again have been touched by the love of my fellow cancer survivors at the Southern Arizona Head and Neck Cancer Support Group. I said hello to everyone and to a person there was an out sharing of love, hope, best wishes and prayers. These are special people who all have exceptional courage and a presence before God that can not be lessened by medical circumstance. Their strength is beyond measure and their faith is without flaw as pertains to our cause. We are there for each other and in that womb there is healing and joy. It is so very strange in it’s raw power to move mountains and bridge the loftiest quagmire of despair. Yes, cancer hurts us. However, we each face this demon; this black mask of mocking life sucking disease, as best each of us can. With one hand holding ourselves, each offers the other to our companion in fate, the other. We embrace for the winds that batter us daily and embolden ourselves for the dark. I am your brother and I love each of you. Each of you make me stronger and give me the drive and determination to face this day. Thank you Lord for allowing me to know them and be a part of this wonderful assemblage of worthy souls.

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