Monday, April 20, 2009

One hundred fifty six and one half pounds and other blessings

Like all of us with cancer, waiting for the Pet Scan results can be a strenuous period of one's life. In reality, you are waiting to hear what God has decided. His verdict on the abilities of those that treat you. In the end, that's what in fact it is.

For the first time in over 2 and ½ years.............................. ; I guess the term is:

I am cancer free.

Can you believe it?

I almost broke down in front of Dr. Manning. Well, yes, there was a tear of joy and I am unashamed. I thanked him to which he replied, “What for? You did all the work.”

Yes, I did it. I am cancer free. However, let me not ever forget all those that held my hand along the way. My family, my friends,doctors, nurses, my employer and most of all; God. I thank you so very much. Trust me, I hold the skilled hand of my surgeons in high regards. However, no higher that you for the supportive thought or word of encouragement. I am in awe of the knowledge and wisdom that my doctors impart; but have been overwhelmed by just knowing you share in my experience. Lost sleep and tears of my family are just as important as a sterilize operating room. I could go on but I think you get my point. For someone like me, you, my dear friends, have a victory! I am merely the lucky one at the end of that wonderful news. I am cancer free.

Thank you Jan, for that hug. It is most awesome to share a hug of joy.

One of my friends on the Internet just asked what I will do now to celebrate. I answered him: I think I shall heal!

I have paid a price. But, I have now been reassured by my God that he is there. Watching, holding, embracing and yes, healing. I am cancer free! And; I am so very very happy about that.

Can you believe it? I weight 156 and a half pounds. Heck, that's less than what I weighted in high school. Ha!

Be strong my friends, cancer sucks.


Sarah said...

I am so proud of you! The amount of strength you have to get through this just blows my mind. I love you so much!

Chiron' said...

Glad to hear it. Your part of the bargain is to not stop with the healing process. I've done what I can, the rest is up to you.

Love Chiron'