Thursday, April 30, 2009


ok, if the castle and mark twain are icons, then matterhorn mountain is surly the landmark. opening as part of the 59’ tomorrowland expansion, the mountain was latter moved to be a part of fantasyland. a move on paper only. see old tickets and park maps. i have never heard or read a real explanation.

there is a rec-room in the upper part of the mountain put there to have a place for the climbers to have a rest. in an effort to make their time pass, a basketball hoop was installed. the original climbers were members of a local sierra club group.

matterhorn from hub

an interesting fact: the matterhorn was the first ever tubular steel rollercoaster built. prior, they were wood.

in it’s original form, they was a single bobsled which provided a very smooth ride. later, the tandem car setup was adopted to increase ride capacity.  another common debate is which of the tracks provide the better ride? most people and i believe the tomorrowland side entrance provides the better trip down the mountain.


here is an especially pleasing look at the matterhorn at night.


the idea came to walt during filming of third man on the mountain. considered ‘impossible’ by many at the time, walt simply smiled and uttered his famous quote:

It's kind of fun to do the impossible.

next time we head into tomorrow!


Sarah said...

I remember half my life thinking that there was a puppy dog in that mountain ;)

Thufer said...

i so cracked up the first time you said that!

:) happy times, and you were always fun to ride with.