Thursday, April 2, 2009

a trip down main street usa.

i have always thought how fun it would be to go to the park and do nothing but people watch. ok, food is always a must when at the world’s happiest restaurant.

first off we see the omnibus as we come through the tunnels.


and a trolley, of course.


now lets go back to opening day for the upjohn pharmacy.


and for a thrilling look inside:


the pharmacy closed in september of 1970 and was replaced by the new century clock & watch shop. the displays shown were very original and interesting. looking back, i probably only went into the pharmacy twice. that was a mistake.

last up today and reaching the (sort of) end of the street we find the carefree corner.


this was always a fun spot to stop and sign the official guest book of disneyland. this was an homage started by my mom on our first ever visit to the park and one i continue until the carefree corner closed in 1994. it was always a nice stop for me because of the crush velvet victorian interior.


more disneyland soon! hope you are enjoying our trip.

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