Wednesday, April 15, 2009

the rivers of america

in his opening day dedication of disneyland, walt spoke of the “hard facts” that made our country great. this is no where as obvious as along the banks of the rivers of america. in the form of an arrow riddled body of a settler and his burning cabin as the result of a savage indian attack; that of course has been replaced/redesigned to be more PC now.

our first card today shows guest arriving via rafts at tom sawyer island. the island is truly a young boys fantasy with caves, a barrel bridge, fort wilderness and plenty of space to run around on.

one of the interesting stories is how walt was not satisfied by the designed presented to him by an employee. walt took the blue prints home over the weekend and produced the island design as it is seen today.

there have been several deaths as a result of drowning in the river by drunk park guest and the unfortunate death a few years ago of a guest struck in the head by a mooring  ripped loose by the mark twain at the dock.

i do admit to not going over to the island the older i got, probably due to the fact that it took to much time out of a single day visit to the park.



the cast members lovingly refer to her as ‘the floating wedding cake”. the mark twain is probably the second most recognized icon of the park behind the castle. my dad loved the twain so much that we would often take the trip around the island twice in a row. i always enjoyed and preferred the view from the upper deck and waving to those along the banks of the river. just one of the silly things you do at disneyland. it also provides one of the more opportune times to get to know fellow visitors to the park. for some reason, most people enjoy talking to one another on the twain.


i have also posted the back of this card because i found it interesting. from 1965 we have this little remembrance of a day at the happiest place on earth.


another piece of interesting ‘paper’ from my disneyland collection is this.

as always, i hope you are enjoying or visit to the park.

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