Thursday, March 5, 2009


1753, "divination by opening a book (especially the Bible) at random," the first verse presenting itself being taken as a prognostication of future events, from Gk. biblion (see Bible) + manteia "divination." Before the Bible, in pagan times, Homer (sortes Homericæ) and Virgil (sortes Virgilianæ) were similarly used.

and, i paraphrase catherynne m. valente in her book palimpsest:

instead i practiced the art of bibliomancy, trusting the book to show me what it wanted me to know.

one of the neat things about being old and not throwing away anything is that you find old stuff. old in this case being relative. in going through some boxes packed away along time ago, i found my oldest daughters sketch book. it is a few drawings she made from 96’ and 97’.  it is an over time long distance co-production i will be sharing with her and you as the reader.

thank you darling for making the sketches and i will try and put some observations and thoughts to a few of them. this should be fun and i hope you all enjoy.

sarah's sketch book

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