Wednesday, March 11, 2009

designing disney – imagineering and the art of the show

turned out to be a special wednesday after all. comics this morning and a ‘ups’ delivery from this afternoon.

front cover

my love of disneyland gets another fix and my daughter gets another part of my life to pass down. meet mr. john hench.

john hench

john joined disney in may 1939 as a sketch artist  and worked up to imagineering and served as senior vice president of ‘wed’.

his claim to fame is he was responsible for the look, feel and ambiance  of the original ‘tomorrowland’ and became a legend with the 1959 redo and addition of tomorrowland adding the matterhorn,monorail and submarine voyage attractions. hence becoming know as ‘the guru of disney design’.

submarine ride 

over the years john has had control over almost every aspect of design and development at both parks including such attractions as space mountain and has worked on such films as 20,000 leagues under the sea.

this wonderful book will become a treasured addition to my WALT DISNEY collection.

space mt

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