Monday, March 23, 2009

more postcards from the past

continuing my early life on the sand series for my grandkids, i have two offerings of a past in the little town we live in. pascagoula, holds a distinction, which i may have shared before, it’s town name is misspelled on the downtown firehouse. seems the stone mason who cut the building ‘capitol’ with the name couldn’t spell. made for interesting viewing if you knew about it. most people , who seldom notice anything, were totally oblivious and passed the building ~sign~ everyday. oh well, just a little know fact interesting only to me. wish i had a picture but, not.


first up is the old spanish fort, which appears to still survive. it’s funny, there is a charge now to go, see and generally be a tourist. when i was a kid, we just went and saw and generally were obnoxious, at no charge. it was interesting enough the first and maybe the second time you went, after that *yawn* .




next is an interesting view of the old, old bridge. this is now the rail road bridge and was replaced by the old bridge which was the one i grew up with. now there is yet the new bridge which i have never seen or drove over as i have not been back to ‘goula’ since it was built. the old bridge was a ‘lift’ bridge which was interesting in that i remember it was often getting stuck in the ‘up’ position. this would last for a long period of time which allowed

“youts” such as myself to pass the time wondering around under the bridge and at the waters side. it was a wonder i was never hurt or drowned.



i know i have some pictures around showing the bridge and me junking around when it was stuck. if and when i find them, i will post.

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