Wednesday, March 25, 2009

this weeks pull ~ the reviews

reviews for the week of march 25, 2009

trinity # 43 busiek/bagley DC

ok, here we are in week 43 of this haul from metropolis. The east coast has been saved, now it's off to europe. as the trinity heads away, hawk man reassures them to not worry about the demons. with that, they just leave! morgaine le fey is waiting very snugly. but; is that a wise decision on her part?

back/secondary story: superman has returned. but,but, why are they acting that way? lois gets petulant and starts throwing a frenzy. off the top of the building she throws herself calling for superman....

the war that time forgot #11 jones/nolan/green DC

'..we have five boxes of ammo left, one box of grenades, plus assorted knives,pikes and swords...

… against approximately five hundred mutant grasshoppers, an eighty-plus dinosaur air force and an active volcano.

and your conclusion?

i've seen worst.

yes, building to the climax in this second to last issue of this surprisingly good adventure.

battlefields dear billy #3 of 3 ennis/snejbjerg DYNAMITE

ennis delivers another hard hitting tour de female force with this title. don't let the title

fool you. yes, it's a dear billy letter but not what you think. strong female lead, well developed and in the end, doing what she had too. an amazing read.

guardians of the galaxy #12 abnett/lanning/craig/quintana MARVEL

this title gets better each issue. there be a hungry moon dragon (well drawn) and a subversive way out of the oblivion. Good book; just short.

indiana jones and the tomb of the gods #4 of 4 williams/sears DARK HOURSE

every time i see this character i just have to get it. nothing new here. jones being jones and getting the girl in the end. marcus is getting senile by the way. don't worry dark horse, i'm sure i'll get the next adventure as well.

resistance costa/perez/chamberlain WILDSTORM

good video game does not mean good comic. i will learn....someday.

crossed #4 ennis/burrows AVATAR

big time fun watching people getting hit in the face with horse c*%k. come on, whats not to like. filth and deviled life are a specialty of ennis. he never disappoints. not a lot of plot here; just getting shot in the face.

squadron supreme #9 chaykin/checchetto/milla MARVEL

oh, the tie ins just do not stop. if I were nick fury, i'd dump on everyone and just say screw it. he sometimes seems so over whelmed. best of all, arcanna jones seems to end up doing the right thing and looking damn good while doing it. Say goodbye washington d.c.; as you are no more. well written battle scenes with edgy feel through out the story. this is becoming a good read.

top ten cannon/daxiong AMERICA'S BEST COMICS

this is a world of interesting characters doing interesting things in strange ways. counselor sung has a tough job defending tougher defendants who really don't want her help and a boyfriend who doesn't want her. good stuff. thick and tasty comes to mind.

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