Wednesday, March 18, 2009

pull list for this week ~ the reviews


trinity # 42 busiek/bagley dc

still clogging away at the week 42 point. the east coast has been saved and the trinity is in new york? well, maybe. lois is looking, but intel says they have left and are headed too....

back or side story...hawkman is questioning himself as the league reassemble in washington d.c. flash is grumbling about the 800-pound gorilla in the room and jose finds his role to play.

i have to be honest, after 42 weeks, the best part of this book is the full two page ad for the flash rebirth johns/van sciver coming in april.


bomb queen #6 of 6 robinson image

yet again j. robinson continues to entertain and poke a sly finger at the normal world. brother, a brother! robinson was wise to hide him from me. from the opening slanderous language, to the wonderful cameo prez O being called a 'bitch' to a shout out to john chihak who is a local talent and i just happened to bump into this morning at charlie's. (see panel 2 on the third to last page). was this the best arc  for bomb queen? no, maybe not. did she kick ass? of course. excellent work yet again mr. robinson.


hot wire requiem for the dead #2 pugh/ellis radical

and we continue with a really good book with excellent characters and a mind blowing script. just plain damn good. i had forgotten (from last month) just how much i enjoy darrow. she is just a pleasure to read. with lines like: ...that gives me the power to put a ring through your nose and pull you around on a chain if i decide.... she is a pleasure.


star trek countdown #3 orci/kurtzman/johnson/jones/messina idw

this folded in time and lets use every character from the trek universe we can is surprisingly good. i find it well written and has a really exciting pace. it unfolds like, well, like a star trek movie...doh. it may be my love of this story line but i do like it. romulus is dead and revenge is on the mind of nero. we also get introduced to a really cool new prototype star ship know as the jellyfish.


air # 7 wilson/perker vertigo

ahh, the unsettling pure torture of growing up. much less growing up in a strange land. seems the disadvantage of youth applies to about everyone from any culture. this book continues to be worth reading although at times i'm not sure why. it just is, i guess! flashback ending and life continues.


scourge of the gods #3 of 3 valerie/gajic marvel

this sword and sandal epic set on a remote planetary system based on the roman civilization comes to an end. this one would have been better as a novel. it feels like michael a. stackpole's a secret atlas meets frank herbert's dune. both books and this comic can go on for pages describing someone scratching a pimple on the ass. fun to read but my god, it's a comic book. at the conclusion, well done and the story was satisfying. the armor is just wonderful looking, would be cool to see in an rpg video game.


lillim #1  lapacek/keiser/matrix/jnm  image

another loki gets mad at odin and takes it out on thor, wait, that's a marvel title. humm, wonder where this will go? #1 was standard fare and not exceptional by any account. now to the art of matrix - just wonderful landscapes. rich, full, warm, amazing texture and colored just right. i will get #2 if for no other reason than the artwork. the 'thor' fan in me will hold opinion for now.


rawbone  delano/fiumara avatar

wow, avatar scores yet again. pirates run amok in this brutal tale. hard men, hard women, down right scary nuns; and a monkey. a monkey who commits rape no less. this went straight to my subscription list. my head still hurts and i love it. this is a winner!


mysterius the unfathomable #2 parker/fowler  wildstorm

once again off at breakneck speed my favorite sorcerer is on the case. be it stealing books from kids at bedtime or facing down a horrible monster from hell, our hero has his mind set on the prize. right up to the point that the draugar is summoned. oh my, what laughs are in the next installment.


secret warriors nick fury: agent of nothing #2 bendis/hickman/caselli/rudoni  marvel

OK, this month the dark reign side of the universe is set. one of the better bad guys in a while; supreme hydra, baron wolfgang von stucker is the puppet master if you will. seems ol' nick has been on the wrong side for years. patience has its rewards and they are about to be unleashed. pretty good stuff from bendis.

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