Saturday, March 21, 2009

nostalgia, for my grand kids

the whole reason i started this was for my grandkids, so it’s time i got back to it. i have dug out some old post cards i have collected over the years of the mississippi gulf coast mostly (where i grew up) and i am sharing my memories of some.

this first card is somewhat interesting in that we came through this intersection every time we went to jackson to visit my uncle.what was cool; was during season, you would find young kids along side the road selling ‘boiled peanuts’. you would get a bag full for a dime. ummm good stuff, hot and fresh.





next up is  marine land on the beach in gulfport. what was cool, was i would often spend the day (well, a few hours alone) when we came over, while my mom and dad went shopping.  gulfport had something new called a mall that they went to. this park was a big influence on me wanting to become a marine biologist. i would spend hours watching the fish in the large tanks. the shows were fairly good but after so many times seeing them, became old stuff. remember, being alone was no big deal in the 60’s and admission was something like 75 cents.




final picture today is of the edgewater gulf hotel in its hay-day. would later be re-named the broadwater, which i posted a picture of a few days ago i found of what it looks like currently, which is sad. a victim of time and hurricanes. this was a big big landmark when traveling along the coast and offered several good restaurants as well. we would sometimes stop for fresh seafood and the view was just amazing. can you believe the price of $2.50 per person. i think it may have been like $7.50 per person at the time we were there. to be honest, we never spent the night there, just ate there as my dad liked their shrimp.



(more memories of a life growing up on the sand next time)

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yummm...boiled peanuts!