Friday, March 20, 2009

yes dear, you use to have to have a ticket to ride

i have been collecting disney(land) swag and stuff for years. i found some tickets on e-bay the other day and could not resist.

back in the old days, you purchased a ticket to enter the park and a ticket to ride any  given attraction. of interest, on opening day and for a long time, entrance to the park was $1.00. attractions ranged from .10 to .85 cents each. then in 1959 we got the ground breaking “E” ticket attraction which was $1.00; and damn well worth it.

you could purchase individual tickets through out the park and there are several surviving ticket booths in the park to this day. or, you could purchase from a choice of ticket books which had various denominations and amounts. ( A-B-C-D and E)




this is an individual attraction ticket with a value of up to .85 cents for an adult.






this is a child’s attraction/ride ticket valued up to 75 cents.


the above are examples of individual tickets; below is a “C” ticket for an adult from a ticket book purchased usually at the entrance booth but could be picked up inside the park as well.


note that these ticket book tickets list the ride or attraction that is available.

for any of you interested in DL tickets, i would suggest a stop at VINTAGE DISNEYLAND TICKETS for a complete history of these wonderful little trinkets which drives collectors like me both crazy and into the poor house.

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