Tuesday, March 24, 2009

yet more gulf coast pictures ~ last set

hello there yet again from the mississippi gulf coast yet again and alas for the last time.

first up we have the white house, yes the white house. i remember passing this land mark all the time but to be honest, i am not sure we ever stopped at or went to this beautiful building. dad must have not liked the shrimp here as much.




i thought i had posted pictures of us at beauvior before, but appears that i have not. i know i have some and i will post as soon as i run across them. here are two postcards of the beautiful home of jefferson davis. this is where he came to live out his days after the civil war.





i remember the old furniture, the kitchen implements, even the bedrooms. just really a wonderful place and the view was amazing. the beach would have been just off to the left in these views. remembering the ‘times’; there was no divider or anything to separate you from any of the items. just simple signs which reminded you not to touch. the sad part of this, the home was damaged by hurricane camille in in 1969 and hurricane katrina in 2005. this is truly a wonderful piece of history and is currently being rebuilt/repaired.


when i was in the 8th grade, i had a letterman’s sweater with my basketball letter’s etc. on it. yes, from pascagoula jr. high school. one weekend we were passing through biloxi for some unremembered reason. on this trip, we stopped at the ‘shoo fly’. it is cool to walk around this thing with the really exciting part being when large trucks would pass and you would get blasted by the passing wind. you can see from the photo, how close the highway is. always trying to get the truck driver to blow his horn. any way. for some reason i took off my sweater. i was so proud of that thing. you got it. i placed my sweater on the railing probably trying to get the attention of a passing truck.

fast forward to the point i remembered and dad could get us back; sad to say, my sweater was gone. hope they choke on it to this day! here is that damn ‘shoo fly’.




last today and for this series is the old sea wall. short story for these things. spend time in the water and playing on the beach. sun is in the sky beaming down on the beach. sea wall on the beach and under the sun. you go back to the car with out shoes. OUCH! my memory of these steps is that they got very, very hot. again, i know i have pictures of the sea wall and i’ll look for them.



this post card shows when the wall was new. sandy beach was added by the time i was there. item of note, the sand beach along this part of the coast is the longest man made sand beach in the world. this fact is dated to the 60’s when we lived there. not sure if this is still true.

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